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Centrally located on Adelaide Terrace in Perth, WA Legal are a team of Perth lawyers who are passionate about what we do.

At WA Legal you will find lawyers whose workloads are carefully balanced, allowing each of our Perth lawyers the available time needed to give each case the full attention it deserves and are all prepared to go that extra mile to achieve a better outcome for you.

We service all areas of the Perth metropolitan area and can come to you if you can't make it to our Perth office.

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Many law firms reject cases when they look too difficult. WA Legal have the legal expertise to tackle the tougher cases and win.

Real people that we’ve helped

From the outset, after my car accident, WA Legal were supportive and extremely knowledgeable. The office staff are kind and efficient. When my claim was settled (in a highly professional manner) I received more than I expected. During the entire process they were helpful and reassuring. Highly recommended!
Brett Donovan
I would like to start off with say W.A. Legal has been working with me since the start of 2019 and I am really happy with their service. They are well priced and have looked after my personal attachments that I need (wheelchairs/prosthetics) whenever I required upgrades. Their communication with ICWA was good and they walked me through every step of my claim with knowledge and explained everything to me. WA Legal are very professional and easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Matthew Brown
WA Legal are as good as it gets. They're a law firm who genuinely care about their clients. They muscled through my claim as if it were their own, they took total ownership, kept me informed and never dropped the ball. You will not find a better group of professionals in this area of expertise. Thanks again for everything!
Jason Allan

Free, over the phone legal advice.

(08) 9219 0111

Reasonably Priced Law Firm Perth

Here at WA Legal, we pride ourselves on being able to help those who need it most. Whilst getting a lawyer is often a daunting and financially straining exercise, we do everything we can to offer an affordable service so you can know your rights and defend yourself through the legal system and in a court of law whether you’re the applicant or the defendant.

Our Perth lawyers must meet stringent criteria before they can work for WA Legal. All of our lawyers have to enjoy what they do, have the right mindset with a desire to help people in need of legal representation and it is essential to have a strong educational background.

Our lawyers obtained superior education before they commenced practising law. In fact, they usually hold two separate bachelors degrees or a master degree or have graduated from the law school with honours.

With such a high calibre of Perth lawyers, you can rest assured that WA Legal will be able to get you the best results for your circumstances, setting realistic expectations of what those outcomes might be.

Peace of mind

For all workers’ compensationcar crash injury compensation, public liability and other personal injury claims through the services of WA Legal; we offer the “Peace of Mind Plan”. This plan for clients of WA Legal means we negotiate your legal fees with the insurer. The insurer makes a contribution to your legal costs and you pay only the gap between what the insurer pays and the hours that we have worked.

In these cases, there is no up-front cost to hiring us. Giving you access to fair legal representation and the best chance to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for your claim.

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Regardless of your position in your legal matter, it is important to have some form of legal consultation and know what your options are. Call WA Legal now to take advantage of our over the phone legal advice in Perth.

We respresent clients in all areas of personal injury law

WA Legal has built a strong reputation with our lawyers in Perth able to provide a comprehensive range of legal services to the public.

Whether you’re seeking fair compensation for a work or public injury, WA Legal are here for you and can represent you in all areas of personal injury law.

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If you’ve got questions, we’d like to answer them — free of charge.

(08) 9219 0111