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If you've made a claim, we’ll start work without any up-front payment.

Most of your fees are covered by the insurer. Any outstanding amount of legal fees (if there are any) will come out of your final settlement. 

That means you’ll never pay anything out of your own pocket when you hire WA Legal to manage your workers compensation claim.

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Your costs are covered.

Your employer has the legal obligation to have workers compensation insurance that covers all employees.

If you’re injured at work, you’re entitled to make a claim under that insurance. It also covers the majority your costs to seek legal representation by hiring workers compensation lawyers in Perth.

Even in the rare circumstance where your employer is not insured, you can still claim against Work Cover WA.

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We get results where others can’t.

Many law firms reject cases when they look too difficult. WA Legal have the legal expertise to tackle the tougher cases and win.

Real people that we’ve helped

From the outset, after my car accident, WA Legal were supportive and extremely knowledgeable. The office staff are kind and efficient. When my claim was settled (in a highly professional manner) I received more than I expected. During the entire process they were helpful and reassuring. Highly recommended!
Brett Donovan
I would like to start off with say W.A. Legal has been working with me since the start of 2019 and I am really happy with their service. They are well priced and have looked after my personal attachments that I need (wheelchairs/prosthetics) whenever I required upgrades. Their communication with ICWA was good and they walked me through every step of my claim with knowledge and explained everything to me. WA Legal are very professional and easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Matthew Brown
WA Legal are as good as it gets. They're a law firm who genuinely care about their clients. They muscled through my claim as if it were their own, they took total ownership, kept me informed and never dropped the ball. You will not find a better group of professionals in this area of expertise. Thanks again for everything!
Jason Allan

Experts in work injury claims.

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Get things right, the first time around

When seeking to make a worker’s compensation claim in Western Australia, you need Perth compensation lawyers that are experienced and highly competent at collecting the evidence required to counter evidence from the insurer.

If you’re unable to work, either temporarily or permanently, because of your injury – you need to contact a lawyer to protect the integrity of your claim and insure that you can prove your employers negligence that lead to your injury.

There are many reasons why your workers compensation claim can be unsuccessful or heavily reduced. WA Legal will not only assess the best route to a successful outcome, but seek to obtain the maximum level of compensation possible from your claim. 

WA Legal are the Perth workers compensation firm that have gotten results where other law firms have not been able to.

Call us to speak to a senior lawyer – for free – and see what WA Legal can do to maximise your workers compensation claim.

Injured at work?

Suffering an injury at work can be a troubling and stressful time. Not only are you dealing with the physical and psychological toll of your injury, there is also the legal ramifications surrounding your employment and financial well-being to consider.

To represent you in this critical time, WA Legal has experienced Workers Compensation lawyers in Perth to provide you with the best legal advice and can work on your behalf to achieve the best outcome for you.

When looking to claim worker’s compensation, it is essential to get some legal advice first. WA Legal offers free legal advice over phone to the learn about your circumstances, assess the possible outcomes, and discuss what options you could take with our legal services.

With years of experience in dealing with Workers Compensation matters, trust Perth leading Workers Comp lawyers to handle your compensation claim. In addition, take advantage of our Peace of Mind plan for all legal work involved in your worker’s compensation claim.

When you are injured in an industrial accident you need to know about your rights, the duty of care you were owed and the expenses that you will have to endure during your absence from paid work.

You need peace of mind so you can recover from your injuries. You need affordable assistance to pay for surgeons and neurologists that can treat your injuries or the injuries of your loved ones.

We can come to you

We understand that if you’re injured from an accident at work that it may either be impossible or extremely inconvenient to come and visit us at our Perth law firm.

That’s why WA Legal will happily come and meet you to better understand your circumstances and how we can obtain the maximum amount of compensation to best help you through your recovery and any other losses you may face as a result of your injury.

WA Legal provides you with peace of mind
We offer our clients the Peace of Mind Plan. We negotiate your legal fees with the insurer. The insurer makes a contribution to your legal costs and you pay only the gap between what the insurer pays and what we have worked. If there is no settlement you do not have to pay legal fees at all.

Sometimes you would have to pay costs of medico-legal reports. If you instruct a new solicitor your legal costs will become payable at the conclusion of your claim.

In addition, if your claim does not result in a pay out your legal costs will be waived (no win – no pay).

Our policy is to settle your claim out of court without the necessity of litigation. In a great majority of workers compensation cases, settlement is achieved out of court by way of informal negotiations.

Sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid legal proceedings. You will be represented by an experienced and senior workers compensation lawyer who will explain to you in a simple, easy to understand language your legal position and all your options.

Remember, you can always call us for a free of charge over the phone legal advice.

Don’t wait, act now

We strongly advice to start your workers compensation claim as soon as possible to best strengthen your case as insurance companies will often use delay as a reason not to pay out.

If you have questions, need free legal advice or want to get started with our workers compensation lawyers in Perth, then call (08) 9219 0111 now.

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If you’ve got questions, we’d like to answer them — free of charge.


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